Prognosis Data
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our Mission

Data and Analytics for Healthcare
and Medical Research


Our Approach

Healthcare systems today are in a race to balance patient health, provider demands, and evolving economic models. Leadership in this race requires organizations to leverage clinical, administrative and financial data to achieve the triple aim of better care and better patient experience with lower cost.

Prognosis Data knows healthcare data, from the appointment to the medical record to the clinical study. Integrating data is our specialty, and we create data resources that address patient-specific outcomes, provider level metrics, and strategic metrics that help healthcare executives navigate through the complexities of an evolving environment.

Prognosis is pragmatic. A project with vision is just a vision unless it can be implemented.  Healthcare is the last frontier for information technology. It’s a challenge because people aren’t just numbers, and the healthcare system is not a factory. Using information to make healthcare more personal and more precise takes extensive experience in the field and technical expertise that can cope with the performance, reliability, and security that patients and doctors demand.

Our team includes healthcare strategy experts and technologists with years, even decades of experience in the healthcare environment. We bring this talent to bear on the unique problems facing each institution we work with.