Prognosis Data


Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL)

Extraction, transformation and loading of data is simple enough in concept, but in reality there are a myriad of challenges that must be overcome to effectively create data resources that can support clinical decision making and strategic planning.  Prognosis has experience working with the different kinds of data found in healthcare, including billing, administrative, and medical record systems. Aligning these sources to correct for inconsistencies and missing data is essential to creating data resources that can help when new regulatory requirements or organizational mergers require a realignment of data to meet analytic requirements. 

Open Source Implementation

Open source software programs are a valuable resource that can be leveraged for medical research and data analysis. Our team has extensive experience working with many of these programs. We focus on 4 specific programs:  i2b2, tranSMART, SHRINE and PEER.  

Integrating these technologies at the database level is fundamental to our approach. We ensure that data can be collected, queried, and manipulated through these open source platforms, using the database as the foundation for this work. We work with both open source (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and proprietary database systems (Oracle, MSSQL). 

Ontology development

Prognosis Data offers healthcare providers and academic medical centers data warehousing and clinical intelligence solutions to deliver higher quality outcomes, accelerate personalized medicine, and lower costs. Our team of industry veterans is focused on improving the flow of reliable data to power clinical and research applications in a secure, compliant environment. Prognosis uses LOINC, ICD-9 and 10, RxNorm, NDC and SNOMED to achieve interoperability of data. 


Clinical Data Strategy

Prognosis uses the six fundamental disciplines needed to create mature analytic environments:

•             Efficient data capture
•             Data governance
•             Data integrity
•             Data organization
•             Applied analytics
•             Analytic services support

We work closely with your organization to understand your operational objectives and strategic goals. Then we assess your information and analytic resources to develop an actionable plan to leverage your existing investments in data andanalytics to drive improvements in clinical, research, financial, and business operations.