Prognosis Data



Prognosis Integration Engine (PIE)

The Prognosis Integration Engine transforms data collected from numerous sources into a comprehensive and consolidated data model based on the OMOP open model. The process includes mapping source system data to OMOP's standard ontologies. Once the OMOP-PX database is built, databases to support specific NIH and CMS programs can be generated, including PCORNet, Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT), and All Of Us (the Precision Medicine Initiative).



Prognosis Data Adapters

Prognosis Data Adapters take data from common EHR systems and Enterprise Data Warehouse systems and loads it into the PIE Landing Zone, where the PIE can process it into any of the data models needed by the institution.  For a list of the EHR and EDWs we support, please contact us.


Prognosis Metadata Explorer
(September 2018)

The Prognosis Metadata Explorer will allow data stewards and others to dive into the data in the OMOP-PX database. Extending the profile reports provided by the OHDSI Achilles toolset, the Prognosis Metadata Explorer helps explore ontologies and data quality to understand what lies behind the issues that Achilles reports report.