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Building an Ontology in i2b2

Have you ever wondered how to build an ontology in i2b2?

Join Aaron Abend, one of Prognosis Data's i2b2 experts, as he adds a new ontology to an i2b2 system from scratch.

This webinar will help data developers responsible for i2b2 understand the ease with

which new concepts can be added to i2b2. We will cover the following:

1. Add a new top-level folder to i2b2

2. Add a small hierarchy of terms to that folder

3. Show how the new hierarchy is connected to data

4. Demonstrate queries with the new hierarchy

5. Learn how to use i2b2 metadata to debug ontology problems

When: October 17, 2018  from 12 pm - 1pm

The demonstration will be 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A.



Getting Up and Running on ACT

Getting ready to join the ACT Network?

Have questions about preparing your data or getting your SHRINE/i2b2 instance up and running?

Join Aaron Abend, Joanna Brownstein, Mark Golberg and Jeff Green from Prognosis Data Corp for a live webcast.

We’ll go over what you need to join the network and the intricacies of maintaining your ACT node.

The main program is followed by Q&A.

Webinar recorded on: September 12, 2018

Visit our Platforms and Networks page to find the helpful links displayed at the end of this webinar.